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Airtab is your local guide to free drinks at trending bars. Meet up with friends and enjoy a couple through Airtab!

Here's a few answers to our most common questions

What is Airtab?

Airtab is your local guide to free drinks at trending bars.

When will Airtab be in my area?

Airtab is expanding quickly; opt in for emails here to stay informed. Suggest Restaurants and Bars in your town here.

How do I tip?

For the establishments that allow in-app tip, we use ApplePay. For help setting up Apple Pay, visit this link https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204506

Where do I find participating Restaurants and Bars?

Download Airtab from the App Store or Google Play

Can I redeem drinks from more than one restaurant in a night?


I want my Restaurant on Airtab- How do I get involved?

Fill out the application form here and we'll get back to with more details.

Is there a membership?

No. Although, it is wise to stay tuned for subscription options, special perks, and exclusive benefits.


Privacy concerns

What can users that are not following me see on my profile?

Non-following users can see photos, favorite drink, personal description, followers and users you're following.

What can Followers see from my profile?

Only people that you previously approved can see your check-ins, photos, favorite bars/restaurants, and drinks that you have tried. Privacy settings coming soon.

Can Users see my location from main profile?

No, location is not listed publicly. (Followers are able to see your auto check-ins)

Can Followers locate what restaurant I am at from my profile?

Yes. Only people that you previously approved to follow you see your check-ins.

Can I change my location to private instead of public?

Coming soon you will be able to customize your settings for each restaurant.